Russell Brown

A chef by trade, Russell has always had a passion for nature and the British countryside. There is an intrinsic link between what goes on in our landscape and what goes on in the kitchen.

Having held a Michelin star in his own restaurant, Sienna, in Dorchester, Dorset, Russell and his wife ElĂ©na sold the business in 2015 so that Russell could concentrate on his food writing, photography and consultancy work. One major project that followed was Russell's first book, WELL SEASONED, written with co-author Jon Haley. This is an exploration of seasonal cooking, seasonal produce and the British countryside.

Russell shot all the food images for the book as well as all the landscape, nature and wildlife images; that was the seed that has led to this collection of images.

Take a look around and hopefully you will become as captivated by the beauty and importance of our landscape and wildlife as Russell is.

The images are all available to purchase. The choice of format has been kept simple but please let us know if you would like to see any different options.

Follow Russell on Instagram @beguilingnature and @RussellBCaC

You can visit CREATIVE ABOUT CUISINE to find out more about Russell's food photography, writing and consultancy.

Dartford Warbler

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